• 1 builder
  • 10 receivers
  • 1 API connector + 1 custom data
  • 2 data sources
  • Support knowledge base
  • Training
  • Professional services (optional)
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  • 2 to unlimited builder
  • 11 to unlimited receivers
  • All connectors
  • 3 to unlimited data sources
  • Support account manager
  • Training
  • Professional services (optional)
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What is a connector?

A Connector is what allows you to activate a Data Source and associate it to your Reeport account to then fetch data. Most Connectors are built using the Data Source’s API (e.g., Google Analytics, AT Internet, Weborama).

What is a data source?

Data Source = A Data Source is a file (e.g., CSV file) or account (e.g., your Google Analytics account) which can be used to feed your Reports.


Connect your data

Learn how you can send your data to Reeport by using our API connectors or Custom Data Plugin.

Visualize your data

Learn how you can best visualize your data and uncover insights using our WYSIWYG web interface.

Broadcast your data

Learn how you can schedule your reporting and manage your employees access so everyone receive the right informations.

Professional services

Data Camp

We will help you identify & track the metrics
that matter for your business.


We will interview your team, collect KPIs &
write a plan for the diffusion of your data internally.

Reports Creation

We will create for you reports
that best describes your business


We will start by analysing your current reports,
uncover improvements and build the reports.

Included in every plan

  • Cross-Analysis
  • Templates
  • Multiple Formats
  • Collaboration
  • Sharing
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Data Governance

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